Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Quiet Times In Cheshire

I got up early and went for a run on the rail trail. My quads and hamstrings were so tight and painful I was glad I ahdn't pushed any harder at the Covered Bridges race. After my run I bought some coffee to take home and we had the house to ourselves. We went to see Grandma later that morning and she was very talkative, on top of everything. She definitely has her good and bad days. Then we went back to Cheshire, bought chicken/avocado wraps and had a picnic at Sleeping Giant park in Hamden. After we ate, we walked up the easy Tower trail, then went home and took a nap.

After a short nap I went and got a massage, which helped my legs a little, although it wasn't as good as what Mary does back home. I really need to find a money tree so I can take my massage therapist with me when I go on vacation! Then Dan and I fixed ourselves up a bit and met John and Jeff for dinner. At dinner John did most of the talking, as usual, while Jeff watched him with a bemused look on his face. Susan showed up a bit later, joining us for coffee and dessert.

Back at home I showed Susan our pictures and heard about her Vassar reunion. She had a good time but seemed sad. "Everyone is getting old," she said. She seemed to have a lot on her mind and we were all tired, so we went to bed early.

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