Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Lake House

Dan and I got up early and packed our overnight bags for the lake house. We stopped in on Grandma on the way and she was alert and chatty. Then we bought some groceries, went back to Cheshire for the things we had forgotten, then headed up to the Berkshires.

The weather was beautiful-- warm and sunny with a cool breeze. We ate salad and grapes on the patio then took the canoe out. After that we went swimming and I finally got to try out my wetsuit. I had a great time swimming around, trying to catch fish by chasing them through the clear water. Afterwards I picked and ate some wild strawberries on the shore.

After a shower, we went for a long walk. We got a bit lost on the winding hilly roads, but eventually figured things out and found our way home again. (No, Dan, you cannot reach the lake by walking away from the lake. You are not Christopher Columbus.)

After a short nap we went for dinner at the New Boston Inn. The food was wonderful as always, but we were disappointed to learn that the place had been sold because the owners were getting a divorce. Halfway through dinner we moved from the dining room to the pub to watch part of Reagan's funeral on the bar TV, then we took our dessert and coffee outside on the lawn. As we were enjoying the last of our coffee we could see storm clouds moving in over the mountains. So we paid up and hurried home to watch the storm from the dock. It seemed to move slowly at first, with lots of distant thunder and flashes of lightning. And then it was there, a line moving across the lake and wind blowing the smell of rain to where we stood. We hurried up the path back to the house and spent a cozy evening reading and drinking tea while we listened to the rain.

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