Monday, June 07, 2004

Home To Cheshire

We got up and had our last-ever big breakfast at Kay's. Kay's daughter and granddaughter joined us and asked lots of nosy questions. They weren't trying to be rude, but they sure weren't good at picking up on hints. After we ate, we started loading up the car. Kay got a bit sentimental as we stood outside making our good byes, but her daughter showed up acting goofy just in time to ruin it.

So we went to the Post Office, mailed out our postcards, got a few things we needed at the Brownsville store and headed south toward Connecticut. I drove so Dan could enjoy the countryside and criticize my driving. By now we hadn't had Indian food in over a week and we were in serious withdrawal, so we headed to New London to check out a little place one of my online friends had told me about. We arrived right at the end of their lunch rush, so I felt a bit obliged to hurry my meal and overtip. But the food was great and even though we boxed some of it for the next day, we ate it as soon as we got to Cheshire.

In Cheshire we took a nap then walked for an hour on the rail trail. I took Dan to Lock 12, which he hadn't seen before. It's a lovely restored canal lock and is as much fun for the old technology as for the ducks. After our walk we did a bit of shopping at the Super Stop & Shop, including buying a fan for our room, which was a bit stuffy due to the unexpected "heat wave" in Connecticut and the lack of air conditioning. Next we picked up some salads at Cheshire Pizza and went home to eat. John was home by this point but went to bed early. Dan and I stayed up late doing laundry, reading and uploading pictures to the laptop.

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