Thursday, June 10, 2004

Cheshire, Again

We indulgently slept in until 9:30. The weather was cool and rainy, so there was little point in getting up early. Dan made panckakes and we saw a goose and her goslings paddling across the water, but they were gone before we could get to the dock for a closer look.

I spent the morning working on a puzzle while Dan read one of his new books from the bookstore in Mystic. Later we had a nice lunch of New Boston Inn leftovers. After lunch we packed and headed back to Connecticut. I always feel a little sad when we leave the lake house. It's such a peaceful, special place for me. I always leave hoping desperately it's not the last time, but knowing that eventually it will have to be.

For some reason I was exhausted and once we were home it was all I could do to bring my things up stairs and pack the things we no longer needed in a box to ship home. We went to the UPS store then returned with our minds on a nap. But Susan showed up and we chatted while Dan got online and looked up information about the John Adams homestead. Then just as I was heading upstairs for a catnap, Jeff called. Dinner plans were made and I accepted Susan's offer of a cup of coffee in lieu of a nap.

We met Jeff and John at the Old Mill restauarant. We had a very nice meal, discussing medicine, insurance and... well, chickens, among other things. John and Jeff told some very funny stories about their childhood and then bickered hilariously over directions for Jeff to get back to his hotel. Susan added her version of directions to the mix and Dan and I were practically in hysterics. What made it all the funnier was that it was nearly a straight shot to the hotel from the restaurant. But with all the contradictory information he was given, Jeff was lucky not to have ended up in Nova Scotia.

Dan and I went to the grocery store on the way home and then stayed up a bit visiting with John and Susan, who were planning Susan's departure for Stanford in the morning. Their youngest boy was graduating! Finally everyone went to bed except me. I stayed up on the computer for a bit before finally turning in around eleven.

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