Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day Twelve

When I got up and found Dan was no more sick than I was, I couldn't decide whether to be relieved or furious. I went for a morning run and grabbed a cup of coffee on the way back to our room. I noticed Dan showed no interest in going back to where we had been the night before, even though he knew that there was a ghost town in that area that I had wanted to see again for several years. So I decided to be angry with Dan for all this panicky illness bit, and we drove in near total silence all the way to Tucumcari.

We got there at around 1:30, only to find that the owners of the Blue Swallow were temporarily out. To pass the time, we went to the local museum, which Audrey thoroughly enjoyed...

When she wasn't scaring us and herself half to death...

By the time we could get checked in at the motel, Dan and I were on speaking terms again, so while Audrey cleaned up...

...and made a few phone calls on the old-fashioned rotary phone...

Dan and I went around town taking some pictures of the deserted areas.

I love ruins for some reason. Dan humors me.

Then, since it was a hot day and we were tired after the previous night's drama, we took a nap. Later, we went for dinner at a place up the road, then came back and hung out on the swing underneath the neon sign.

Audrey sat beside me on the swing the entire time, enjoying the pleasant evening on Route 66.

Later in our room, though, she seemed worried, especially when her new friend tried to interest her in some bunny grahams.

More important, though, I think she knows our travels together will soon be over.

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Alice Audrey said...

That rat! Although, with kidney stones, it really can work that way.

Audrey seems to think black iron kettles double as hot tubs.