Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Day Four

I woke up to a beautiful morning in the Chisos Basin and went for a sunrise run. Then I returned to my cute little cottage to shower and pack.

Dan and I had breakfast in the restaurant, then headed out. Our goal was City of the Rocks, near Deming, New Mexico. But first, we wanted to check out the Terlingua ghost town.

We came upon some pretty odd sights as we drew near, including this pink cafe...

...and a place where you can get both liquor and art.

Presumably if you drink enough liquor, you won't care whether the art is to your taste or not.

As we neared the actual ghost town, we came upon this cool and somewhat spooky cemetery.

Then I took a few pics of the remains of company housing...

...and the old theater, which now advertises itself as a restaurant, although I saw no activity to suggest there was any kind of business going on at all.

By now it was getting hot, so we got back in the truck and started north. Just outside of Valentine, we came upon this cool little place:

Prada Marfa isn't a real store; it's an art project. Cool, isn't it?

We got to City of the Rocks near dusk, chose a campsite and pitched our tent. Then we wandered around, admiring the rocks and the stunning views.

Supper was camp food, and we turned in early. I woke up around 3 am to find the moon shining through the mesh of our tent. I got out and walked around for awhile in the moonlight, taking it all in. City of Rocks by moonlight is a special place. It was only with reluctance that I went back to bed. We had another big day ahead of us.

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