Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Day Ten

I slept “late” until 7:30 and went for a run around the area and up to the cemetery where my grandparents and uncle are buried.

When I got back, I had coffee with my father while Dan slept. My Uncle Bill dropped by just as my father was getting ready to leave for a doctor’s appointment, and they left together. I showered and got ready to go see the petroglyphs while Dan complained that my breakfast suggestion of yogurt and fruit wouldn’t be enough. He ate it anyway and we headed out.

We missed our exit in Albuquerque the first time, but finally found it and went to the visitor center. We were told that there are actually two petroglyph parks: an easy one with picnic tables and a sort of self-guided tour, and a rustic one with a trail and nothing else. We opted for the trail and went into a valley full of black volcanic rocks and desert wildlife.

We found some interesting petroglyphs

And some great scenery

When we finished up, we were famished, but first we wanted to get a new tent. So we went to a sporting goods store and bought a tent and a few things we thought would be useful. And then we went to Old Town and had lunch at a restaurant on the plaza. I tried to eat light, since my father would either be cooking or taking us to dinner. So while I stuck with a salad and only half a sopapilla, Dan ate a taco plate and his whole sopapilla, as well as the remaining half of mine.

After lunch, we walked around the plaza awhile. I had never been to the old church, so I went and took a look.

One of the interesting things was that there were vanilla trees in front of the church. I would love to know the story behind them, since vanilla isn't exactly a local species.

We got home to my father fixing enchiladas for us. When dinner was read and I woke Dan from his nap, he looked at me like I was crazy to suggest he eat again so soon. Well, it was his own fault. And the food was great. My father put himself through college as a family cook, so he knows his way around a kitchen.

After dinner, Dan and I practiced putting up our new tent in the back courtyard. It went well, so we’re all set for camping. And we might be camping as early as tomorrow. We haven’t decided yet. But the plan is to head out tomorrow toward White Sands and the next day Carlsbad. We want to be in Yorktown, Texas by around noon or 1:00 on Saturday, and everything in between is just a suggestion.

I should have internet access at least once more before Saturday night, and maybe more often than that, depending on the circumstances. This has been a lot of fun, but I’m getting tired of living out of suitcases. I’m going to buy or make some sort of organizational system for my stuff before I travel again. Having the things I need be always at the bottom of a suitcase, lost in the wilds of stuph is really old.

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