Friday, May 18, 2007

Day Six

I got up early and went to use the equipment in the weight room, or what there was of it. I didn’t get a very good workout. My asthma was bothering me a little, and I’ve never had much luck getting my heart rate up on an exercise bike. But I did what I could and started getting ready to go to camp.

We got out the door a little past ten, but the camp was only a few minutes away and we got there in good time.

I got checked in and Dan helped me unload my stuff at my room. The cabins are pretty cool—I paid extra for a cabin that has several two-person rooms centered in a star pattern around a common kitchen, living area and bathroom. It’s pretty nice, and I took a picture.

I went to lunch and it was good—soup, salad, and fixings for chicken salad sandwiches. There was fresh fruit for dessert. After lunch, they made announcements and then we went off to our classes. My first class was Survival Skills, and it was pretty good. The best part was alternative methods of starting fires, which we got to go outside and practice. Nothing like playing with fire!

I went back to my room after class and changed into cool weather gear. It wasn’t cold yet, but the distances at this camp are so far that you can’t just run back to your room whenever the whim strikes.

Dinner was grilled chicken cooked on a big smoker outside, with green beans and rice pilaf on the side. I skipped the carrot cake for dessert and had a banana instead. I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to be this virtuous, but I’m sure going to try!

There was a choice of evening mini-programs after dinner, and I signed up for crafts and made a couple of painted boxes. I don’t think they came out so good, but it was a fun way to spend the evening and make new friends.

Breakfast is bright and early, and I’ve got Field Dressing Big Game after. I’m still not sure if I should dress to get messy or not. I really didn’t bring anything I can ruin, so it’s more than just a small dilemma for me. My afternoon class is Wilderness Cooking in Foil, so I’m not at all sure when I’m going to get to run. There are so many great roads to run on around here, but time is the problem. Skip breakfast, maybe?

Well, I’ll figure it out in the morning, I guess.

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