Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Day Three

I woke up at 8:00 with the alarm clock. Dan was gone, but I figured he had gone to the common room for coffee, and sure enough that’s where I found him. I got myself a cup of coffee and had a couple cookies, then took my second cup of coffee back to the room to pack.

We were out a little before 9:00 and checked out the Tucumcari Historical Museum. What a treat! It was only $2.00 and so chock-full of stuff to see that we could’ve stayed there all day. They had local history, military (Civil War through Vietnam), farming, ranching, railroad and other types of exhibits, including a fighter jet and a rail car! By 10:00 I was feeling shaky and ready for breakfast, so we asked for a recommendation. We were sent to a place called the Pow-Wow, where I had some pretty decent huevos rancheros and plenty of coffee.

Then we hit the road with a thought toward trying to check some of the Route 66 towns along the way. Unfortunately there was a long stretch of road work that made exiting a bit tricky. So we watched the parched landscape go by as the land changed from red to pink and from flat to hills and mountains.

We got to my dad’s place by 2:00 and in spite of various caffeinated beverages along the way, I was ready for a nap. But first we had to bring in our stuff, visit, examine the garden, note the birds and wildlife and have a snack. By 4:00 though, I’d had enough. I took a little nap until dinner. Dad cooked green chile chicken enchiladas for us and after we ate, my Uncle Bill, his wife June and my Aunt Mercy came over for a visit. They were chatty and we had a good time catching up on gossip and discussing the problems of the world.

They left around 9:30 and I got online to try and get caught up on my email and reading. My father and husband came to see what I was doing though, so now I’m trying to blog and carry on a conversation. I’m beginning to suspect I won’t get any writing done tonight, dammit.

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