Saturday, June 10, 2006

Day Seven

Today was pretty low-key. A rest day, if you will.

We slept in past 8:00, then puttered around for a bit, sipping coffee and discussing our plans for the day. But before we could do much of anything, my Uncle Pat showed up, looking for his wife, my Aunt Mercy who had been staying with my Uncle Bill and his wife June at the house next door. Pat came in and we visited awhile, then Mercy showed up, followed soon after by Bill. They hung out and talked. And talked. And talked. It was nearly noon before they left and of course by now it was hot out, and we were planning to tour pueblo ruins.

But we drove to Gran Quivira anyway. It was a good 50 miles each way, but well worth the trip. We considered stopping for dinner in Mountainair on the way back, but Dad had left us plenty of food at home, so we figured free food was better. We went home and heated up some red chile enchiladas and had mint chocolate chip ice cream for dessert. Then it was nap time.

We spent a quiet evening sitting outside watching the rabbits and talking. It was a lovely full moon, so bright you could almost read by it.

No plans yet for Sunday, but we’ll think of something!

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