Wednesday, June 01, 2005

To New Mexico

With our flight not scheduled to leave until 2:00, we had plenty of time for last-minute packing and errands, so that was how I spent my morning. The pets knew something was up and the cat hid under the bed refusing to come out. Sorry, Pix, your job is to keep Tidbit company, so out into the living room you go!

On the way to the airport I called in to the office, and a good thing because my business manager was trying to reach me. I spent most of the drive to the airport trading numbers back and forth with her, then had to do a repeat half an hour later while we were waiting to board, but we finally got some things straightened out and I was able to turn off the phone and get on the plane.

Dan and I found ourselves with a seatmate who was on his way to San Diego to do his first-ever marathon. So of course I thought of my friend Wil who is also doing her first marathon this week. The "Small World" song was running through my head! Dan and I talked marathons a bit with our new friend, then settled in for the two hour flight. I had brought some food with us, so we had a light lunch of veggie/goat cheese wraps and bread pudding. Hey, gotta clean out the fridge before leaving, right? Other than some turbulence over the Sandias, it was a pretty uneventful flight.

It was nice to be in New Mexico again. They've had an unusually wet winter and spring so things were unbelievably green. Were it not for the ever-present mountains I would've thought myself back in the green eastern half of Texas!

We got to the farm in good time and visited with my father a bit and toured the gardens before heading out for dinner and a grocery run. Then we went for a pleasant walk along the creek and back via a small farm road. Our route took us past the beekeeper neighbor's property, where the smell of honey hung thick in the air. We passed the guy with the peacocks, and those birds were out there caterwauling like they were being tortured. We saw a lot of interesting plants along the creek that I couldn't identify in the dark, so I plan to investigate tomorrow and see if they're any good for anything. We came back past the vineyards and the road to the cemetery where my grandparents and my uncle are buried. It would've been nice to go down that road, but it was getting dark so we headed home for an evening chat over yogi tea.

In the morning I plan to head out for a run over the path we took tonight. Maybe I'll take the camera and take pictures. I won't be able to post for at least another day though, because the laptop Dan brought is only configured for wireless, which of course we don't have here. I have no idea what he was thinking.

And thus concludes my first day of vacation. I'm sleepy now.

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Wil said...

There, you said it. You promised pictures! OK, I can wait another day or so.

One of these days we're going to have to hook up and run a marathon, now that I know I won't die!