Monday, June 06, 2005

Back to Santa Fe

Well, it wasn't our intention to return to Santa Fe. Really.

We got up early and after a light breakfast, packed the car and headed north to Las Vegas (NM, not NV), intending to make a day of it and spend the night. But once we got there, the things we had intended to do were either closed or not nearly as interesting as we had thought they would be. We packed a lunch to Storrie Lake, where we tried to eat our food before it was blown away by the local hurricane winds, and we pondered our next move.

We finally decided to check out Fort Union, a bit further north. That turned out to be a lot of fun. It's a decaying 19th century fort, part stone, part adobe, sitting right in the middle of the Santa Fe trail. Almost all the foundations are still there and just enough of the walls that with a little imagination you can see what it must've been like.

We spent over an hour wandering the grounds, trying not to let the winds get to us. Honestly, I felt like Lillian Gish out there! Nevertheless, I was game for a run along the Santa Fe trail, but Dan wanted to head back toward Espanola to see if he could catch his friend at the cybercafe. Well, okay. We had just been there two days before, but I went along with it.

We didn't find Dan's friend, but after we left with our coffees in tow, we got to bickering over whether to go on to Santa Fe and spend the night or head back to Belen. I would've preferred Belen, since it felt silly to go back to Santa Fe and it would've been cheaper to go home, anyway. But we ended up in Santa Fe, mostly because we both love each other enough to fight over who gets to give the other what they want. That led to the odd paradox of two grumpy people in an overpriced hotel. But hey, it had a hot tub and wireless, and so after I left Grumpy napping on the bed and got me some takeout, I was able to finally settle in and update this travel blog.

At some point, I'm going to get pictures posted. Really.

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Wil said...

OK woman, so where are these pics!? I love the desert, can't wait to see what you're seeing.

And thanks for the congrats! Ooo it was ugly for a while there, but I made it!