Saturday, June 04, 2005


Since Saturday is my long run day, I got up early and headed out to the trail along the arroyo. I only planned to do six miles, but figured that would be enough. I was unclear how far the trail went, but ended up doing an easy six among the desert flowers and foliage without having to do any looped repeats-- just a simple out and back. Dan walked part of the trail while I ran and got some pictures.

Then we got some coffee, went back to the room, cleaned up and packed. Then we took off to the plaza where I bought a few things for my staff and petsitter. As it turned out there had been a little 10K run in downtown Santa Fe and we happened upon the awards ceremony. The race was so small I think I could've placed in my age group. If we come back at this time next year, I'll definitely sign up for this race!

Next we were off to Whole Foods, where we bought salads to accompany our picnic lunch of leftover tandoori chicken from the night before. Then we went to Pecos to see the pueblo ruins. It was really great-- lots of old stone walls, kivas, etc. There was also a melting adobe church from the Spanish missionary period. Fascinating stuff, and all on a high bluff with the most spectacular views. It was obvious why the natives would've built in that spot because you could see for miles in every direction. It definitely gives one an Ozymandias moment to see all those ruins and to think that once this was a thriving population just like our own.

After we toured the ruins we had our picnic lunch, then headed south for the farm. We got there in good time and took a nap. Dad had spaghetti waiting for us when we woke up and then we headed out for an evening walk in the quiet countryside. It was all very nice. We came home and spent some time chatting over tea on the patio before turning in later than we wanted around 12:30. We had an early hiked planned for the morning!

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