Tuesday, June 11, 2002

New Haven and More

We woke up at 8, but lazed around for an hour before finally getting out of bed and going to Paul's for a light breakfast. We ran a couple of errands and then went to see Grandma. At 12:30 we had lunch with her, but it wasn't as good, relatively speaking, as a few days before, and even Grandma was "disappointed" with the meal. Personally, I thought it would've been okay if they hadn't served jello for dessert. What happened to the chocolate cake? But we were there to see my grandmother, not for the food, and it was good to spend some time with her, since I sure can't get up to Connecticut every day.

After lunch we went to New Haven where we explored the Grove Street Cemetery, which we had seen briefly on previous visits but had never had time to explore properly. This time we spent a couple of hours reading the stones and wondering about the people who had lived in the area long ago, and even though it was pretty warm out in the sun, we had a good time. Then we walked over to the little café that has the oatmeal cookies and lattes I like, and strolled around the Yale campus and New Haven town green a bit before heading back toward Cheshire.

By now it was 4:00 and we figured if we hurried we'd have just enough time to do the easy trail at Sleeping Giant. The easy trail supposedly led to a stone tower, so we figured we'd go check that out. The trail was nice and wide, as well as rock-free, unlike the one we had climbed the previous days. There were some obnoxious teens at the tower, but they left soon after we got there and we had blissful quiet up there in the hills. The view was too hazy to get any good pictures, but otherwise it was a beautiful day.

Back home, we found John waiting for us, and he offered to take us out for seafood. We were good and hungry, and lingered over dinner a long time visiting. When we got home, Susan had just made it in after a long day at work, and we all chatted for awhile. But John and Susan needed their rest and Dan and I still had to pack, so we called it a night, even though it was nearly midnight before I finally was able to get to bed, after trying to pack as much as I reasonably could.

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