Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Back to Houston

We had to get up early, so for once we were up by seven. John went out and got breakfast fixings, so we had a light breakfast of coffee and English muffins. We tried to eat sparingly, hoping to get one last good breakfast at Paul's before heading out.

After loading up the car, we went to the drugstore and made copies of a couple of the pictures Susan had taken of us the previous year. They were quite good ones and we made copies and put them in frames for Grandma. Then we had our second breakfast of the day at Paul's and went to the nursing home. At the home, we got to see a video of Grandma on the news in a special interest story about nursing home penpals for grade school students. Grandma looked so sweet on the tape! She was raised with money and has always known how to carry herself like a lady. I hated when we finally had to go, but we promised to be out in time for her birthday next year.

Then we drove up to Hartford, turned in the car and settled in at the airport to wait for our flight. They made us change terminals, causing us to have to go through security twice due to the layout of the airport, and once on the plane, we sat on the tarmac a good half hour waiting for storms to abate before we could take off. Luckily we were expecting a long layover in Cleveland anyway, so the delay taking off only shortened our layover. I felt sorry for anyone with a tight connecting time, though.

At the terminal in Cleveland our gate was unfortunately located across from a specialty coffee shop that served lattes and oatmeal cookies, which of course I couldn't resist. And Dan couldn't turn down the temptations of a Burger King down the hall, having been eating too well on this trip and needing a junk food fix, I guess. We were glad when we were allowed to board our flight. If we'd had to wait much longer we would've been too big to fit on the plane!

The flight home was uneventful, and it was good to get home and put things away where they belonged. Our animals were very relieved to see us, although the bunny put on a show of not really caring very much. Pixel stuck to us like glue though, and it was a few weeks before he figured it out that we were home for good. At least we're home for awhile, anyway.

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