Sunday, June 09, 2002

A Lazy Day

We woke up later than planned and headed out to hike some of the trails around the lake. At first we were just hoping to find a beaver dam, but it turned into an extended trail hike as we became progressively more lost and confused trying to follow little red flags and tree markings through the underbrush. We had no idea where the markings were leading us, and we hadn't taken food or water with us, so I became very hungry and was glad when we finally found ourselves back on a main trail and we could head back to the house.

Since I was starving, I brewed a pot of coffee and made some raisin waffles, which we ate on the porch in the sunshine. Then we went out in the canoe to see if we could find the heron we'd seen the previous summer. Surprisingly, we did find it, but of course it flew off across the lake and in spite of our efforts to track it, we never did find it again.

Back at home, we toyed with the idea of driving up to the Shaker village about an hour to the north, but decided to just relax for the afternoon instead. Dan settled in on the sofa with a book and I did laundry and worked on a jigsaw puzzle I had found in one of the rooms, putting it together on the same table that had held my grandfather's puzzles in his Cape Cod house when I was a little girl.

When Dan woke up we had a late lunch of leftovers from the night before with strawberries for dessert. Then we packed up and headed back to Cheshire.

By the time we got home we were hungry again so we picked up a pizza and salad and had dinner and read the New York Times at the kitchen table. My aunt and uncle were due back that night, so after dinner we settled in to watch Star Wars and wait for their arrival. The movie ended though, and Dan had gone to bed and I had almost gone to bed too, when they finally came in. They were tired, and after visiting briefly, we all went to bed.

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