Saturday, May 31, 2008

Day Eight

I’m writing tonight from my new favorite town— Pagosa Springs, Colorado!

How’d we end up here? Glad you asked! This morning I was pondering our dilemma—I wanted to leave but it was too soon to head south and it was going to be too hot to camp. Then I remembered we’d never been to the northern part of New Mexico. We looked at the map and called up some sites on my father’s slow dialup connection, one thing led to another and we decided we wanted to go to Pagosa Springs. It’s near wildlife refuges, near Indian ruins, and it’s got mineral waters, so what wasn’t to like?

The trip out started uneventfully enough, and I didn't bother with pictures. But once we got north of Espanola, things just got better and better.

These red cliffs were incredible to see.

They were just amazing!

Kind of like a layer cake.

One wonders just what is in these layers of sediment piled up over the ages.

Going into the valley.

Little town with mountains in the distance.

Still a lot of snow at the higher elevations.

They got snow in northern New Mexico as recently as a few weeks ago!

Such cute little towns!

And the valleys are nice to look at, too.

The cows seem to enjoy the vistas, too.

Almost like a postcard!

This mountain appears to be missing a piece.

My pictures don’t do the scenery justice. It was just absurdly beautiful, like there ought to be a law or something.

We got to Pagosa Springs around 5:00 and got checked into our hotel. It’s an okay hotel, but we’ve got a room at one of the less expensive spas booked for tomorrow. That didn’t stop Dan from soaking in the mineral waters while I got a massage, though.

But first, we went for a walk.

Pagosa Springs has a little riverwalk.

Nice views on the riverwalk.

Opportunities to make friends abound.

And you can even contemplate art.

After the spa, we had dinner at a nice place that serves up some tasty Mediterranean-style dishes and a deadly baklava for dessert. Luckily my baklava was much smaller than Dan’s. That’s why I ate it so quickly. Or at least that’s the story I’m sticking with!

The plan for tomorrow is to go back to the spa in the morning where I’ll go for a run while Dan hangs out and waits. Then we’ll both soak in the mineral waters before going back to our hotel and packing. We’ll visit the Chimney Rock Indian ruins, then check into our spa motel after and I’ll maybe get another massage or some other type of treatment like an herbal wrap or salt rub. Then more soaking, dinner, and we’ll be all set to head back south on Monday.


the Bag Lady said...

This looks more like the country around here! Well, except for the red cliffs. We don't have those. Or the mountains. (Unless you are in the right place - they are visible from some spots...)But we do have the cows.... ;)

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Mmm. Sounds delectable. I loved the mineral springs in Montana.

Have a great, relaxing time!

Rabbits' Guy said...

That is pretty country!

Hey - remember the old song about the truckers .."Wolf Creek Pass, way up on the great divide - comin' on down the other side ... tra la la " Lost their brakes and somehow tore the roof off their truck (it was hauling chickens) right in downtown Pagosa Springs!!!

I think we are all enjoying your trip .. and it is costing us very little! Keep the reports coming! If you get to Winslow, Az, we got a song for that too!

Thomma Lyn said...

Ahhhhhh... such gorgeous pictures! Such a pleasure, seeing them. And the chipmunk is such a cute little fellow! :)