Monday, May 31, 2004

Boothbay Harbor

We woke up early and went to a bagel shop we had seen the night before to get some breakfast. Then we took our bagels and coffee to the waterfront and ate them while watching boat activity at the dock. We checked the boat tour prices for future reference and bought some postcards. Dan decided to take a picture of the fire boat tied up at the pier.

The trip to Boothbay was pleasant, with lots of nice towns to drive through on the way. We found our B&B and were impressed with the chattiness of our hostess, who rivaled Kay in Vermont for talk and odd stories. She gave us directions to a beach that supposedly had a lot of good trails. As it turned out, we didn't have much luck with the trail, which seemed to vanish after only a few hundred feet, but we spent a couple hours climbing over the rocks and had a good time.

After all that work, we were hungry and went back to the B&B to change into civilian clothes. Then we went to a deli down the street where I had a hummus wrap and Dan had a chicken caesar salad. Dan had a peanut butter cookie for dessert and I had the best blueberry bar ever made. Then we crossed the bridge into the main part of town where we did a bit of shopping for friends back home and for ourselves. Dan got a very nice rain jacket and I found some bracelets on sale.

Then we returned to the B&B for some tea and to make some dinner plans. Our hostess recommended a few places to us, so we went back across the bridge to check out one of her recommendations. As it turned out, the place we went to wasn't fully open yet for the summer season, but we had a nice light dinner in the pub and then strolled through town a bit more.

It was chilly though, and I was glad to get back to the B&B. We sat in the parlor and had tea. I wrote some postcards and Dan worked on downloading the day's pictures into the computer. We finally ran out of hot water for tea, so we went to bed.

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