Sunday, June 08, 2003

Rainy Day

In the morning Dan and John worked on fixing the dock while I made coffee and raisin waffles for breakfast. I felt like quite the girly-girl, being in the kitchen while the men were outside doing manly things with tools. We had breakfast, and then John went back to Cheshire around noon. Dan and I decided to stay awhile and see if the weather would clear later, since it had become gray and drizzly again. It stayed that way all day. We ate the rest of the pizza and walked over to Otter Pond, looking for beaver dams without success. We saw some rabbits, but that was about it.

Back at the cottage we spent a cozy afternoon reading and enjoying the fire in the wood stove. I found some marshmallows and we toasted them. Funny how our tastes change, but they were sweeter than I had remembered them being when I was a kid. Later we made pasta for dinner and I attempted to make an herb flatbread without a recipe. We ended up with something that thankfully tasted better than it looked. We spent the rest of the evening talking, working on a jigsaw puzzle and sipping tea in front of the fire.

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