Saturday, June 07, 2003

Lake House

We got up early, packed our overnight bags and went to Paul's for breakfast. Then we went back to the house for the pizza we'd forgotten in the refrigerator, stopping to peruse the yard sale that Susan's Soroptimist Club was putting on. I bought some earrings.

Finally on the road, we made a quick stop in Meriden, where we found Grandma vague and tired. We told her we would be back on Monday and then headed up toward the lake house. It was a drizzly but otherwise uneventful drive. We found the Black Fly festival in full swing as we drove through Tolland, but we didn't stop to check it out.

We found John at the lake house, taking refuge from the yard sale Susan was putting on back in Cheshire. We chatted, had some pizza and enjoyed a cozy fire in the wood-burning stove. Then we all took a little nap, lulled by the gray drizzly afternoon. After our nap, Dan and I went for a run, trying to shake off the feeling that we were complete slugs. We ran twice around the lake, showered and felt like maybe we were fit company for dinner. So all three of us went to the New Boston Inn. We had a pleasant dinner, marred only by the absence of blueberry crisp on the dessert menu. We had some strawberry-rhubarb pie instead. After dinner we went upstairs to see if Dan could find the ghost he had been aware of the previous two years. He said he only felt traces of her and that she appeared to have moved on. I was disappointed.

Back at the lake house there wasn't much to do, so we went to bed early, hoping for some good weather in the morning.

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