Friday, May 29, 2009

Day Seven

This morning I got up at seven and went for a run along the canals and to some new pecan groves near the mesas.

This is my dad's house. My grandfather bought the land in the 1930s and this is one of the houses he built. One of my uncles lives in a house on another part of the property.

This is the canal in front of my father's house, dividing his land from the part my uncle inherited. There are other sections across the street that my grandfather owned, one uncle sold his portion and another uncle has tenants.

I followed the canal to some new pecan groves.

I love the contrast of dry sand and green, growing things. Out here there's no mistaking where the water is.

The desert's own natural beauty is nice, too.

After a late breakfast where we dawdled for a couple hours over coffee, Dan and I went into Albuquerque to see if we could find some new pottery for the house and a gift for the photographer who recently did my author picture. We didn't find any pottery we liked at a good price--should've gone back to one of the pueblos this year, but I found a gift for the photographer and Dan met a street musician and got to play her interesting guitar.

We went back to my dad's house ahead of the evening traffic and spent the rest of the day quietly hanging out and going for walks.

We chatted for a long time after dinner, and Dan and I got out the maps and made plans for the rest of our vacation. Tomorrow we'll go to El Paso, where hopefully we'll be able to hang out with my cousin Chris for a bit. Then Sunday we'll head down to Big Bend, spend a couple days hiking and seeing the sights, and then we'll start back toward Houston on Tuesday or Wednesday.

I'll definitely have internet in El Paso tomorrow, and I may have internet in Big Bend, too. Expect more pictures!


Thomma Lyn said...

Wow, what gorgeous pictures. Thanks to you, I feel like I'm visiting New Mexico, too. A rugged and beautiful landscape -- so different from my stomping grounds.

Glenna said...

How peaceful your vacation sounds, and I love the pictures. What a huge change from the DC or Houston areas. Would you want to retire there?