Thursday, June 05, 2008


Well, we ended up not doing much at all today. I got up around 7:00 and went to the workout room. Dan joined me as I was finishing my workout and we went to the breakfast room together but he was so grumpy that I stayed out of his way and when we went back to our room I simply went about the business of showering, packing, and getting ready to hit the road. I showed him a brochure about the Sonora caves, but he said he hadn't slept well and that if it wasn't going to kill me to skip it, he'd just as soon save it for another time. Well, that was fine by me. I've seen caves before (went to Carlsbad last year) and I try to choose my battles wisely. Heading east was fine with me!

After so much desert, it was great to see green this morning!

I've always loved the way greenery grows on the limestone.

We headed in to Kerrville, where we stopped at our favorite bookstore. By now, Dan was feeling better, but I was the one who was grumpy because every time I tried to examine the books on Indianola (a Texas town destroyed by a hurricane in the late nineteenth century), the woman minding the shop tried to talk to me. Finally I gave up trying to decide between the two books and escaped to the bargain room, where I found nothing I simply had to have. Had the shopkeeper let me browse in peace, I almost certainly would've bought one of the Indianola books (and they weren't cheap) so it was more her loss than mine, but I was pissed, nonetheless.

Dan and I had some lunch at a little cafe nearby, where we both agreed that we were tired, grumpy, brain-dead, and ready to go home. Plus, the wind was still blowing!

Heading home. The wind was blowing so hard in some places that signs were knocked over!

We got back to Houston just in time for rush hour traffic. Lucky us. Not to be deterred, we picked up the Tid and went home.

Pixel has been all over us tonight and once Tidbit figured out that she had been sprung for good, she was just like her old pre-illness self, eager to play, eager for attention.

It's great to be unpacked, back in my own home with three days before I have to go back to work. Technically speaking, I'm really not going to work until Wednesday, since I'll be at a conference Monday and Tuesday. So although I'm home, this vacation isn't quite over yet!

There will be one more post here before I resume posting at my regular blog. It will be my recap and "lessons learned." There will probably also be some new pictures, now that I can photoshop out things like flyspecks from the windshield.

Be sure and check back tomorrow!


the Bag Lady said...

Well, I had a terrific time on "our" virtual vacation - thanks so much for sharing it with us!
I'm sure Tidbit and Pixel are excited to have you home, and glad to hear Tid is back to her pre-illness self. Now if only I could figure out what's wrong with my old cat (other than, perhaps, old age) it would all be good. (He is just an old farm cat who has never been to town, so there's no chance he'll be taken to the vet...)

RoadBunner said...

Glad to hear you've made it home to your furry family. Aaah...the smeared insect remnants...good least you didn't do too much driving at night! Then the whole front of the car looks like an insect graveyard!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Glad to hear that Tidbit is doing well!

Some trip! Thanks for the iReports!